Stash – A micro Investing App Raises $40 Million in Series C Funding

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What is micro investing?

With the rise of entrepreneurship more Gen Y-ers are figuring out that it’s a good idea to start investing and just like they do with so many other things, they are not letting them be constrained by the traditional options available to them. Or even newer trends like making investments in startups. Smaller investing options that also include the new, electronic investing options like penny stocks etc. are all clubbed under the micro investing umbrella. Through micro investing, millennials are now learning to get into the stock market.

But the question remains that how the generation with the largest amount of debt on them is able to invest and that too, this much? The answer involves approaching investment in a similar way you build good habits. Start small building your way up. This is the essence of micro investing. Replacing large start-up capital with an, ‘as you go’ approach.

Why is Micro Investing important?

Micro investing allows the aspiring investors who do not have big starting capital to bypass the obstacles that usually keep them off the game field. Micro investing requires minimum investing levels, trading costs, and market research. Lots of money is not really required.

Investing has always had a high buy-in value, which would make you believe could save the generation with whatever they have. But, thanks to mobile application development in the USA, some apps are changing that and are opening doors to millennials for creating their own investment portfolios.