Walmart Vs. Amazon: The Seller’s Guide

in E-commerce User Experience

All online marketplaces have pros and cons—and by selling across multiple channels, you can take advantage of the best aspects of each one. But to actually get the most out of each channel, you have to know what to focus on.

Consider selling on Walmart and Amazon. At very different development stages, Amazon and Walmart offer sellers their own unique advantages. Walmart is a smaller marketplace with less competition, so sellers have a chance to stand out in the marketplace before it grows too big. Amazon, on the other hand, is well-established and massive—so while there may be more competition, the marketplace offers sellers the benefit of consistently high traffic.

Sellers need to understand these key distinctions if they want to get the most out of both marketplaces. We’ve created a guide to provide sellers this knowledge—the best selling practices on Walmart and Amazon, divided into three categories: listing items, building a reputation, and managing fulfillment.